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We are a different kind of gaming site. We are a community of graphics design artists, developers, musicians, teachers, Christian leaders, story tellers, and more who like making and playing video games. We are also a non-denominational church family connected over the Internet to help spread the good word of Jesus Christ through bible based lessons embedded in game entertainment. We do not follow any specific denominational doctrines. We believe that all Christians are brothers and sisters in the eyes of the Lord, regardless of the nuances of our individual beliefs. We welcome everyone to walk with us through our faith journey as we learn, create, play, fellowship, believe...
The video game industry is very large, with profits in the tens of billions of US dollars each year. The segment of this industry focused on creating Christian themed games is proportionally very small. That means our children are exposed to many gaming experiences which lead them away from Christian theology. All of the games listed here are openly reviewed by our community for content and adherence to Christian based values. You can be confident that our games are family friendly, and free from the popular themes of murder, theft, sex, or anything else that the bible prohibits in its teachings.
This site was created to help encourage Christian game creation. We want to share the tools and techniques, our game libraries, tutorials, and build on our community strength to create professional and fun games that both children and adults enjoy playing. If you have never created a game before, we will teach you how to do that here.
Quality games take armies of people to build and years of work to complete. Open Source and the Internet can help us get there faster and effectively compete with the big gaming companies and their billions of dollars. All of the games listed on this site are licensed under the GNU General Public License, Creative Commons License, Apache License, or any other free licensing philosophy around software distribution and ownership.You can freely use our code for your projects and contribute your updates to help us make our games better too. We believe in sharing our work with the community and the community sharing with everyone in return.
Since we fully support the Open Source license model for our games, we require that all tools used in the making of any games hosted here be licensed as Open Source too. Some unrestricted licensed proprietary freeware is also allowed. We have selected a suite of these tools that can be easily downloaded and installed from the Internet. We have also gone one step farther and only included tools that are free in price. Commercial, closed-source, software is strictly prohibited from use for game development on this site. Visit our Wiki page for more information on our approved tools.
We also strictly prohibit the use of any technologies which have the potential to violate patent infringement laws. For example, there are many good Open Source tools available for creating MPEG files. It is a proven industry standard for sharing media over the Internet and is used by many manufactures. However, the MPEG format is patent protected with many restrictions. To we do not allow MPEG video and audio files in games hosted here. Ogg Vorbis (audio) and Theora (video) are the preferred formats because they are patent free.
Serving the risen Christ and having fun doing it is our primary mission here. If you have any questions about this site, ideas, or comments to share, please send an email to

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