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Description: This game complements the children's book series by Erica Bertram. The Spirit Heroes power comes from the Holy Spirit. They use swords (sword of the spirit) as their weapons. They fight real enemies (spirits) that are determined to throw them off God's plan. Their enemies are the same as the ones we all deal with fear, doubt, anger, disobedience.

Platform: IOS - iPhone/iPad (other platforms as time permits)
Game Genre: This is a top down parallax style 2D adventure game.
Source Code:
Needed: C++ game developers with knowledge of game engine, graphics artists, illustrators, sprite enthusiasts, music and sound creators, game testers, and your prayers.
Game Contact: Send an email to if you are interested in helping in this project.
Blog Post: Visit this page for tutorial videos about this game Making a Video Game - Spirit Heroes. Project Details: Visit this page for all other project details.

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